Li / Luurtsema Wedding
Saturday August 20th, 11am

Directions Elizabeth Park “Helen S Karman Rose Garden” at the Gazebo.

Elizabeth Park Conservancy 1561 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT

Parking is available at the following locations as marked in this aerial view. Suggested time to arrive is around 10:30am to find your way to the ceremony location. Elizabeth Park has a limited allowance for seats as a result we are reserving them for specific guests who cannot stand. Please make your way to the gazebo and members of the wedding party will help you assemble on either side of the aisle. In the event of light rain please have an umbrella handy. If the weather is more severe we will notify everyone here the morning of the ceremony of any applicable changes.

Entering from Asylum Avenue is the quickest way to the parking lots and the Pond House Café.

From the West (I-84 heading East):

From the East (I-84 heading West):


From the North or South (I-91 heading North or South): 

Parking Elizabeth Park “Helen S Karman Rose Garden” at the Gazebo.

There is ample parking at Elizabeth Park on most days. However, for events and concerts, the parking fills up quickly. Parking is allowed on the roads in the Park in designated spots. There are three parking lots in the Park. One is near the greenhouses, and one is near the picnic area. A small lot is located at Sunrise Overlook right off Prospect Avenue. There are many parking spots along the road in the Western Loop. 

Parking is also permitted on Prospect Avenue and many area side streets. There is some parking allowed on Asylum Avenue near the Little League fields. Please obey the parking signs, and do not park on the grass areas in the Park.

Reception Details and Parking:

71 Cumberland Road West Hartford, CT

The reception will be held at our home after the ceremony and is only a couple of minutes away. Official starting time is 45 minutes after ceremony while bridal party gets ready but all are welcome and food and drink will be well underway for your enjoyment! Street parking can be found along Cumberland Road and cross streets of Bainbridge Rd as well as Middlebrook Rd which are all within a 1/10 of a mile give or take.

Below is a picture of our home / reception location.

What to Wear:

It's August in CT and it will be warm so dress comfortably. Some have asked what  the colors are. Generally speaking there will be pinks, purple, blues, gold, etc. I would just say dress nice and avoid wearing jeans, etc. Hope this helps!

Wedding Registry:

Some folks have inquired if we have a registry. Here is the information for that 😊